Saturday, August 17, 2013

~BTS of Lady Avalon~

After my last shoot of throwing flour on my sweet volunteers, I decided I had so much fun that I wanted to try it again - except this time with water.  While I knew it would be somewhat challenging, I had no idea of HOW challenging it truly would be.  With that, it was also a lot of fun, frustrating, and in the end it is something I definitely will try again.

I enlisted the help of Chelsea, who graciously goes along with my crazy ideas. (See Underwater shoot).  It was a bit cool that day and the water, the more we sprayed, got colder and colder.  Bless her!  Again, she was a trooper by getting splashed in all directions and I couldn't be more grateful to her dedication to the shoots!  I will miss her terribly when I leave here.

Here are a few BTS shots of the water NOT hitting its target, being overthrown, and just of water craziness!  Photo shoots do not always go as planned or as easy as you would like, but they are full of learning opportunities!

Oopsie! Almost hit the target!! But not quite..

Ok, so this water saw is actually pretty cool and I may have to revisit this photo at a later time.

We actually did manage to get some great shots and I am absolutely in love with this.  The water hit perfectly on her back that went around her shoulders and neck like a shawl and the water on her head wrapped elegantly like a beautiful hat.  Her poise is what brought the shot together and I couldn't be more pleased.

Never be afraid to try something new, something hard, something that seems impossible!  It may not go as planned, but you will definitely learn through trial and error, through successes, and most importantly, you will have fun!  Thank you, Chelsea, for again allowing me to try my crazy ideas and being such a wonderful model in front of the camera!!