Thursday, August 8, 2013

~A Little Flour Power~

It's always fun to get a little messy!  I was very fortunate that I was able to not only shoot with two great models who were up for anything, but to shoot alongside two wonderful photographers!  A few months ago, Kathryn Bailey wrote to me and asked if I ever needed a model that she would gladly volunteer.  Not only did the offer extend to her, but to her friend as well.  Both of these ladies are natural beauties, one redhead and one brunette.  I couldn't pass this up!  After months of thinking, I finally knew what I wanted to do.  I also knew that I wanted to invite two of my photographer friends, Eva Duve Creel and Nicholas J. Cormier.  With this mix of folks, I knew we would have a blast and we did!

Kathryn and Jackie drove quite a ways to get to our location.  They showed up with fresh, clean faces and crazy hair!  That to me is a perfect formula for success!   Nick and I brought bags of flour and we were ready to shoot! Eva, Nick and I scouted out where exactly we wanted to do the shoot and the magic commenced!  Taking turns behind our cameras and pelting the models with flour, (no model was harmed during this shoot, other than the brief, yet harrowing, battle with stinging nettles), our images came to life.  
 Model: Kathryn Bailey, also a photographer of Little B. Memories, was the first to go!  She was getting flour slung on her from both sides, all angles, and she worked each pose perfectly!  It's not easy to be directed by three different people with three different visions, but she was brilliant!  Rock on, Kathryn! You allowed me to capture images that I will cherish forever. I know when I look back 10 years from now, these will still be some of my all-time favorites!

 Model: Jackie Toops, gorgeous lady extraordinaire!  She came to the shoot wearing a blue dress that she had been wearing all day and a beautiful purple one to wear for the shoot.  After seeing how her skin just looked beautiful against the blue fabric, I knew that was the dress.  She was a bit hesitant, but quickly got into the groove of it!  I was astounded at her ease in front of the camera.  With her in front of my camera, I got some of my most favorite images to date!

Thank you Kathryn and Jackie!  Both of you ladies were amazing and I had such a wonderful time meeting and working with you both! If you are ever in the states, my invitation is now extended to the both of you..

If you ever have the chance to shoot alongside other photographers, jump at it!  It is fascinating to me to see how others work, direct their models, even to see their complete joy when they know they nailed the shot!  This shoot was definitely a group effort and I couldn't be more grateful to all those involved.  I truly enjoyed each moment!

Check out the amazing photographers who got brilliant shots from this shoot!

Eva Creel Photography:

Sickled Foot Photography: