Sunday, September 20, 2015


This shoot was a year in the making.  I've known Ingrid for about a year and a half and I've been trying to convince her to get in front of my camera.  After much brow beating-no seriously-she finally agreed a couple of months ago.  One of my goals with my photography is to show people how I see them.  Nevermind the costumes and props, it is the personalities and actions that come through.  This is one strong woman-facing adversaries daily and still continues to not only strive-but grow stronger.  

 This was probably the most important shot of the session.  As stated above, so much crap is thrown this woman's way-professionally speaking-and yet she stays above water.  She keeps reaching for the end goal that is within sight and she meets it.  Powerful, formidable, and steadfast all comes to mind when thinking of this woman.

I think one of the things that make women the most beautiful is a humble spirit.  Ingrid is the epitome of this.  She has no idea-or perhaps no concern- of how others see her..the true her.

Ingrid, it was truly a privilege and honour to finally be able to shoot you and share all the laughs that were shared.  It was a much needed experience.  I hope by looking at these, you see my personal admiration and respect and that one day you can look upon yourself with kind eyes!

Thank you to the team, Theresa and Shamar!! xoxoxox