Friday, August 2, 2013

~Are All Poses Universal?~

A few months ago I read an article saying that all photographers know that all poses can be used, no matter the subject or genre, universally.  While I read this article, I scratched my head and disagreed immediately.  I thought to myself that just can't be.  So, I set out to disprove this claim.  Did I achieve my theory that it was impossible?  Well, I will let you be the judge of that.

I planned and plotted my approach for months.  I thought of as many different poses as I could, the maternity pose where the woman is standing to her side proudly showing her belly.  I thought of the loving embrace an engaged couple will gladly show the world.  But there was one set of photos that I kept going back to.  They are lovingly adored by many who see them.  They are popular, even timeless in their own way.  What better way to test my theory than with newborn poses?

I wrote to my friend and fellow photographer, Nicholas Cormier, of Sickled Foot Photography.  His talent and love of photography is evident in everything he shoots.  I told him my crazy idea and he was all for it!  (I seriously have awesome friends!)  We set the date, place, and it was a go!  But wait, there's more!!

Not only was I able to shoot my zany idea, but I was fortunate to finally meet and shoot with Eva Duve Creel, of Eva Creel Photography!  Yes, that's right!  The Eva Duve Creel!  She is as amazing in person as she is online.  Her enthusiasm for photography is addictive and such a pleasure to be around!  Two awesome people in one day, one shoot.  My day couldn't get better..

For the first pose, we chose the ever popular head in hands pose.  You always see those beautiful babies asleep while their itty bitty heads are resting on their hands.  While this shot replicates that pose, it oddly does not seem to be weird that a grown man is in this pose..Hmm, maybe that photographer had a point..As this seems to be a restful, even peaceful pose of a man deep in thought.  My theory is now in jeopardy.

The second pose also replicates a popular pose of an infant who is just learning how to hold his upper body up, with that adorable look of wonder on his face.  Of course we had to drape the blanket over him as that is what you do in those kind of photos.  I must say that Nick did an amazing job giving me the expression I was wanting, and afterwards we all had a good laugh!

This pose does not seem odd at all either!  I'm afraid my theory is rapidly going out the window!  Two poses, both are actually quite comical, but work!  How can this possibly be?  I am now even more determined to disprove this theory as my first attempt doesn't quite do it.  I believe next I will shoot the maternity all I have to do is find men who have wonderful, big, bellies and aren't afraid to show it!

Many thanks to Nick, Eva, and Nick's wife Casey, (wait to see the photos of her and Nick), who all made this a wonderful, laughable experience!  This was tons of fun but now I have to rack my brain for the next experimental shoot of maternity men's poses...This could get interesting!

Happy Shooting!